Be SOLSexy Confident

Welcome to your SOLSexy Transformation, next-level coaching designed to help you master the mind, body, soul integration, and thrive in love, sex, and your relationships. 

sol  noun

\ sōl \  

: one resembling the sun (as in warmth or brilliance)

sexy  adjective

\ sek-sē  \
: positive energy in motion  

Coach, author, angel scribe, love connoisseur, joyful flirt

Start your solsexy Transformation

Coach and client in session in loft office setting

1:1 Coaching

Lose the antiquated notions of what it means to be ‘enough’ as a sexy woman and partner.  Our 60-min sessions will gently pull back the layers of your fear to reveal not a new you, but the confident TRUE you.

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Transformational Programs

Ready to stop dreaming about love and start being in love? Level-up your love game and begin to attract the relationship you desire and deserve with our signature, six-month program, Successful, Single, Ready .

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Angel Talks

These interactive, 90-minute online talks cover the gamut from Sex and Spirituality to SOLSexy flirting to Cheats, Liars and Love. Each session is driven by Divine insights delivered by the Angels with lots of time for discussion.


Dianna - Georgia

Attractive african-american woman

 "Thank you, Lori, for helping me look at love, and specifically men, differently.  It's a whole new world out there, and I'm excited to be dating again and meeting men who have the qualities I want." 

Jen - Minnesota

White woman smelling purple flowers in a garden

 "Lori helped me forgive myself for past choices so I can be fully myself with the loving man I'm with now. This has made a world of difference in my relationship and my overall health."

Alisa - New York

attractive black woman in an orange sweater

 "Lori's gift is evident in the accuracy and relevance of the Angel messages she shares, and leaves no doubt to the authenticity of her true spiritual connections. My sessions have been life changing." 

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