SOLSexy Services

1:1 Coaching

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For over a decade, I have been successfully helping women master the mind, body, soul connection to transform themselves and their love lives, in dynamic and lasting ways.

Here are some areas where I can help:


  • Low self esteem
  • Body Image
  • Sexual Confidence
  • Self-Love
  • Self-Worth
  • Self-Definition
  • Next-level Love
  • Dating 
  • Relationships
  • Sensual Celibacy
  • Spiritual Development
  • Inspired Aging

Angel Talks

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Join me and the Angels for a series of six,  90-minute online classes exploring love, sex, relationships and spirituality, all driven by Angel insights. Each session begins with a presentation followed by discussion, and personal growth work to do at home.  2020 Topics:

  • Love is a 4-Letter Word
  • Connecting Sex and Spirituality
  • SOLSexy Flirt Clinic
  • Define Your Sexy
  • Cheats, Liars and Love
  • Are You Ready for Love?

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SOLSexy Program

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Are you sick of dreaming about love instead of being in it? Have you looked everywhere and are losing hope that you'll ever find your soulmate?  

If your self-esteem has taken a hit because you feel like a failure when it comes to relationships, it's time for some next-level love!

Successful, Single, Ready  is a comprehensive 6-month program designed to transform you and your love life from the inside out.  I'll take you from wanting and wishing for a love of your own, to being ready and able to attract the quality love you crave. 

Most Coached Topics


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Experience has taught me that lack of self-love is at the root of just about everything. It simply presents itself in a variety of irritating and unhelpful ways. So no matter what behaviors we're addressing, we'll also be working on you falling in love--with yourself! 


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I'll help you discover who you are as a partner and what you want in a mate. Whether you're looking for next-level love or trying to understand the relationship you're in, we'll explore and transform what's holding you back from having the relationship you want.  

Feminine Esteem

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In a world where beauty standards are ever changing, it's no wonder you don't feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin. Even if you've spent a lifetime feeling invisible, we'll unearth the confident, authentically sexy you through our SOLSexy Transformation.

Attracting Love

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You've tried dating by app, by speed, by niche. You've been meeting up to mate up, and still ended up alone. Know that more is wrong with what you're doing, than with you.  Discover your magnetic root energy and how to make the shifts necessary to start attracting love that is true and lasting.

Sexual Confidence

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Ready to lose your good girl baggage and let your grown ass, healthy, sex-positive bad girl come out to play?  Let's get you out from under all the mixed messages and low self esteem, and give you permission to explore your SOLSexy self with all the lust and gusto you and your lover deserve.

Inspired Aging

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Life after menopause can unfold two different ways: feeling old and sexually irrelevant or gleefully stepping into life knowing this is YOUR time. Whether you're married and wanting to get your sexy back or single and ready to mingle, it's time to regain your zest for the sexy, lovely life that awaits.