Client Testimonials

Next Level

"Lori made me a believer!  The magnetic root energy work she does to help you see why things keep failing is one of the best parts of the whole relationship coaching program.  That one module answered questions  years of therapy couldn't. (SSR)

Susan - Montreal


"I found my sessions to be comforting from day one.  Lori is easy to talk to and gives you the sense she really cares about the progress that you make.  She is very good at getting you to focus on what really matters when it comes to love confidence ."  (1:1)

Colette - Maryland

Food for Thought

"Lori is a gifted teacher.  She breaks down the deeper meanings behind things we do and say everyday, and then gives you new ways to think and act that really make a difference in my self esteem ."  (Angel Talk)

Anita - Virginia 

Learn Through Joy

"Working with Lori is PURE JOY!  She provides a safe space of trust and accountability and has really help me bust through some pretty tough obstacles. She knows how to drill deep into what the problem is really about so we can have enough time to work through it."  (1:1)

Courtney - California

It's Possible

"I didn't know what to expect when I started, and was a bit skeptical.  I quickly overcame the skepticism after the first session! Working with Lori made me realize that happiness is achievable in parts of my life where I didn't think it was possible."  (1:1)

Linda - New Jersey 

Loving ME

"Taking SSR, I really had no idea what to expect. From the first class, I realized that before I could love anyone, I had to pour love into myself. I had to let go of the fear of not being married, and once I did, everything turned around!  If I didn't have you and your relationship coaching, I couldn't have done the work by myself."  (SSR)

Tiffany - Maryland